In Life’s name, and for Life’s sake, I say that I will use the Art for nothing but the service of that Life.

- The Wizard’s Oath, from the Young Wizards book series

I don’t know if she’ll actually see this, but I’m following Diane Duane here on tumblr, and she’s…kind of fantastic. Not even kind of fantastic, she’s about the coolest, most human human being/minor celebrity I’ve ever had the pleasure of stalking tagging along behind. It’s nice to remember that you can be a writer who’s touched and changed the imaginations of so many people and still have intense feelings over the Reichenbach Fall, or admit that you wrote Kirk/Spock slash in your early years, or…other things I can’t think of right now but that are still completely awesome.

The discussion of Gallifreyan wizards somehow sprang up either yesterday or the day before. So…I decided to try to write the Oath out in one of the languages of the Time Lords, as a silly little gift for a fellow fangirl (albeit a much more accomplished one than I!) I’m sure it’s…not the most elegant application of circular Gallifreyan, but hey. ^^; Also, only the first sentence (for now…?), because it took hours and made my brain ache enough on its own. XDDD